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Magdalen is an American living in Berlin, Germany. She is a freelance copyeditor (registered to work in Germany). Although American born and educated, she is fluent in both American and British English, as well as MLA and APA Style guidelines.

Magdalen holds a Master of Education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, as well as a Bachelor of Arts with Individual Concentration (concentrating in Education and Psychology). She has completed her B1 German exam and continues to take German language courses part time in Berlin.

Since graduating from her Master’s program, Magdalen has worked in Higher Education administration in the United States, Pakistan and Germany. Additionally, she has 10 years of experience copyediting for academics, musicians, as well as people in a variety of other industries.

Personally, Magdalen enjoys cooking, travel and her Pakistani street cat, Bella. She and her husband have lived in Berlin since 2017.